Men’s Neck Scarf in Dark Beige


Hand made quality, details and finishes is our mantra behind each neck scarf. This scarf is expertly hand weaved by very skilled artisan. The high quality scarf is hand finished to perfection. You will not regret adding this piece of luxury to your wardrobe to compliment what your dress code demands. Patterns and Designs which for a wide range of colors from the classical to the newest designs. You will love the casual and sophisticated look it portrays.

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– 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk
– Made exclusively by hand
– Herringbone Weave – hand weaved
– Hand Knotted Fringes
– Measures 72″ inches long and 15″inches wide
– Our ties are made to fit as one size
– Each item come in a beautiful hand made paper envelope


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