Beige Cashmere Shawl


Our ultra soft and light weight Sand/Beige Cashmere Shawl is the perfect accent for day or evening. A simple weave offers a slight sheer elegance and drapes your body perfectly for elegance. This is high quality hand made product. Available in multiple colors. Shawls are lightweight and flowing, meaning it is a bit sheer enough to give elegance and clings enough to drape your body. The cashmere fiber is a good color observer and does well allowing delicate colors to come through. Even though people tend to identify this shawl with winter, this lightweight cashmere is ideal for any season from January through December. It is very soft and has a hint of stretch just enough to drape the shoulder of your body.

In stock (can be backordered)


– Hand Crafted of 100% fine cashmere ultra light weight wool
– 3 inches perfect hand twisted fringes
– Hand weaved in simple weave in loom
– Available in additional colors, sold separately
– Made in Nepal
– 28″ x 80″
– Each item come in a beautiful hand made paper envelope


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