Basket of Love

As a part of our social responsibility and humanity, a small portion of the profit is dedicated to uplifting the livelihood of these small mountain villages school program specially for school aged kids. The dedicated fund will go to a single “The basket of hope” and fund is utilized for

  1. School Lunch-Supplemental Nutrition Program.
  2. School Garden Program.
  3. Some future plan -will involve goat rearing, vet services and pasture development projects

Pashmina goats are raised by small households in remote hilly regions of Nepal sometimes as their only source of cash income. This small industry has yet to see revival as there is potential for this industry to grow and bring in great benefits to the families who depend on the small industries for their livelihood and offer products of comfort and joy to those who purchase them.

We would like shoppers to connect with the families who actually make these products. Purchase of our consciously crafted hand made product is your small contribution to changing the future of some families’ life in Nepal. We transparently reveal our own supply chain, there are no secrets.

Please write to us for more detail on these programs. We are just starting out……please stick with us and we will update all our customers with our activities and progress on this page.