About Symrik

Where it all began

A beautiful pashmina producing country Nepal- crumpled into devastation following the great earthquake in April 2015 and a long political crisis, its pashmina industry along with people who depended on this industry for their livelihood were badly affected. Symrik ‘s founding ideal is one that we stick to today: to bring back Cashmere to its original fame from few surviving small cottage industries and to provide the uniquely hand crafted products an outlet. Our pashmina/cashmere are airy, comfortable with a calming effect.


Where we want to be

We want to bring as much unique item as we can to make each product a special purchase for you, weather it is for your wedding, that special gift for someone dear or for yourself. A lot of our product goes beyond just for the day of the wedding. All our products are handmade and we want to stick to the concept of brining customer that unique product different from mass produced factory items. Becoming one of the exciting and growing e-commerce businesses is just the start of a very exciting journey. We want to make it easy for you to be original – wherever you live, and whatever you’re into. So that means we’ll always be on the lookout for new ideas and ways of making something unique, personal and beautiful. And we’ll always make it easy for you to get it.


Our Inspiration

Symrik was created by designs and themes based on convergence of colors of the world. Sophisticated Western colors are given a splash of colors here and there when the bridal events are accessorized with Symrik’s wedding collections. Our vibrant colors gives just enough touch of magic to light up the wedding or any special or formal occasion and produce pictures of great interest.  It can a touch of informal elegance. Several elements influence color selection for items offered for sale in Symrik. Few Inspirations are  from festive cultural colors from around the world as some fun colors are displayed during the joyful festivities in cultures of these mountain areas and the mystical himalayan mountains. These colors are inspirational and happy. We love integrating some of these colors in our theme.

We wish you a happy shopping experience and incase you face difficulties please help us understand and help you by sending us your concerns.